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cut my hair!!

cut my hair!!

People dressing as zombies for Halloween? Deeply offensive. Not easy living with Partially Deceased Syndrome…


well life just isnt fucking fair is it humpback whale 85


well life just isnt fucking fair is it humpback whale 85

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hello friends! guess what? I looked really good today!!

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nonbinary people who are okay with gendered pronouns/names are still nonbinary and if a nonbinary person tells you they’re okay with gendered pronouns then it’s really not your place to say that their gender identity is less valid because of that, even if you yourself are nonbinary. Gender is different for everyone and there’s no “valid way” to be a certain gender the only validation you need is your own.

"Because, and you listen close, Steven. You always stand up.”


hey this is just a reminder that if you wanna commission something off me, i’m 100% here for that all of the time always forever - i’m ill to the point of unemployability, unfit for a student grant and ready to punch the next person to say “lol but your parents can just pay for everything” in the face

i’d be most comfortable w people asking for hand-written poetry things and/or little paintings or drawings, mostly bc those are the things i think could deserve to be paid for - but if you wanna pay me ten bucks to draw you making out w your anime boyfriend, fine sure let’s do it it’s your money i’m not gonna complain

you can see a few things i’ve written and drawn on my links page. every penny helps, so if you even have a couple bucks to spare it’d be really appreciated, anytime, always, forever


Alright I’m doing this one last time. No fanfare, no hastily photoshopped text bubbles or whatever. One more giveaway before the season break.

I’m really hopped up on emotions right now. I know there a lot of people dissatisfied with the show recently, and that’s fine, it’s justified, and it’s…

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UPDATE: oh oh oh so I got a nipple piercing a couple days ago and a tattoo yesterday, both with my awesome roommate! (she literally held my hand through the entire tattoo appointment) one of my friends was super excited about the tattoo because we’ve been really into them forever, but only ever did stick and pokes on each other up until this (yes I know they’re unsafe shhh) also a different friend was totally being judgy about my piercing and like not cool man totally not cool it’s my body and if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.
anyway, university is going great so far!! I haven’t made too many friends, though I have many acquaintances, and I get along with my roommates really well which is awesome. I am sadly p sick rn and idk if I’m going to classes tomorrow but I guess we’ll see
also I joined a bunch of clubs, but I can’t go to most of them bc of classes…. the only two I can really go to are the comic club, and the queer/lgbtq club (alliance? idk) and those seem pretty cool but I totally forgot what time they meet, and what day, so I think I’ll have to look into that later (maybe tonight idk)

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it smells like weed outside my window (and kinda inside the room too ugh)